Instantly share your contact information at new meetings

​​Networking and keeping in touch has never been so simple. The NumerID mobile application allows an efficient sharing of your contact information during a new professional or personal meeting. Create an account, add your data, and share it with a secure transfer between two digital devices or a remote sharing.

NumerID maintains the contact details of your contacts and saves you time at business meetings or when you meet new people in friends and family events.

You can create multiple accounts, allowing you to add your contacts depending on the relationship you have with them. Then choose the information you want to share in each of your accounts. The application allows you to quickly switch between them.

Does any of your contacts changes his phone number or email address? No worries. You are notified immediately and your address book is automatically updated.

​​​​​​Never lose contact

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Receive notifications when your contacts change their contact information

  • Available for IOS and Android
  • ​​NumerID is secure: all your data is encrypted;
  • A passkey is prompted when you want to change your information;
  • Updates to your contact information are automatically shared with your NumerID contact;
  • Transferring your contacts is automatic when you switch to a new device;​